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New update!

We’ve done a ton of balancing across nearly all of the game’s contracts over the last two updates. If you haven’t updated in the last week, please do! The game should be handing out quite a few more coins, ship parts, and crew on every contract. The goal here is to make sure if you make it to the end of the game, you and your whole squad should have a fully decked out ship. Our internal target is 4 ship parts and 3 crew (give or take).

Then, to counteract that added deck building power, we’ve upped the difficulty of the contracts considerably throughout. Let us know how the balancing feels to you! We are striving for something that’s of moderate difficulty that you likely will not complete on your first try. If you don’t build a good enough ship… you should expect to lose!

Another important update… we’re live over on Steam!

We’ll do our best to keep things updated here as well, but Steam will be our primary focus for now.

Looking Ahead:

Our game design team met this past week on our goals, and set out a plan for finishing the Henko sector (Henko is currently the only sector in the game). Long term we’d love to have more sectors with different stories, difficulties, or even new game modes (likely as small paid DLCs), but first we want to get Henko fully finished (which will always remain free). Completing Henko will bring us out of “Early Access”. 

As a part of this meeting, we outlined what “done” looks like for this first sector. These goals may grow/change based on feedback, but we’d like to have at least 38 total contracts… so about 8 more contracts total from where we are now. This includes a total of 3 end-game bosses (currently there is only 1).

We also are listening to all of the bugs you’ve been reporting in the app, as well as on Discord, so thank you for all of your help!


As you may be aware, the Moonrakers: Titan campaign kicked off this week, and has completely blown us away, raising over $1MM in just 26 hours. Thanks to all of you who backed.. your support means the world to us. Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out!

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