Early Release!

Welcome to the early release of Moonrakers: Luminor!

If you're here before the official release date on July 15th, you've likely been following along with the Moonrakers radio drama we've had going for the past couple months. As a thank you for following along and solving the puzzles we wanted to give you all early access to Luminor. We sincerely appreciate you all and are so thankful for the love that you show for Moonrakers! So please grab your friends, pull out your copy of Moonrakers, and dive in!

We'll do a another post on Friday for the full release, but in the meantime... a few notes as you get going:

- Please do not post this link publicly with the password until Friday (July 15th).

- If you get a game in this week, please take a picture and post it on Friday!

- Luminor is in early access. We're continuously working on it and are looking for your feedback! Feel free to leave comments here, directly in the game in the Settings menu, or in our Discord.

- Luminor will be available on Steam in the coming weeks, and that will likely be the primary home for Luminor. We didn't quite get it approved in time, thus a launch on Itch! Current estimate for our Steam release is July 23rd.

- At this time we think it's best playable with groups with 3-4 people. The other player counts still need a bit of balancing, but please give it a shot at any player count and let us know how it goes.

- We recommend playing Luminor on the biggest TV you've got with some nice speakers :)


moonrakers-luminor-win.zip 281 MB
Version 2 Jul 09, 2022
moonrakers-luminor-mac.zip 287 MB
Version 2 Jul 09, 2022

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